I’ve Got a ’67 Chevy For Sale

Have you ever heard that story where an elderly lady puts an ad in the paper that says, “1967 Chevy For Sale: $500.00”? Yeah, you’ve probably heard this one. A young man answers the ad, and the lady takes him to the back barn where there appears to be a silhouette of a car underneath […]

Connection: Hip and Cool

There have been several words that I have learned in the “church-planting” world. Connection is up there with the best of them. Just about every church foyer, bulletin, or web site has this word blasted everywhere. But what does it really mean? From my experience, it means, “this is where you can learn how to […]

Addition Before Multiplication

There are some pretty simple rules when it comes to math, maybe that’s why I like math, unlike English or other “flowable”subjects, math is constant. When you apply the rules, you always get the right answer. 2+2 will always equal 4…always! This is why I like Jesus’ model of church planting. We have already established […]