Following the Bread Crumbs

When Teresa and I knew that we were coming to Colorado Springs, we began a new chapter in our lives, one that would take us on an adventure beyond our expectations and dreams.
During this season of transition, we had a plan:

1. Sell our house. Nothing was going to happen until we sold our home. We had set that as a “token” sign that this was really God’s will.
2. Teresa or myself must get a job. I really wanted to focus on developing the church so I was really hoping she would get a killer job.
3. Find a place to live.
4. Find the right school for our kids. Here in Colorado it’s “choice schooling” You can choose the school you want your kids to go to regardless of where you live.

Ok. So I fiugured I would follow the game plan. I mean the Bible is clear…”Present you plan to The Lord and he will direct it.”
SO that’s what we did. We had a plan, and in my mind it was a pretty good one. Until one day…

I have a friend in Indiana who wanted to meet with me and “check in” to see how our progress was going. After I presented my master plan, he said, “Set a date” I said, “I have! The day my house sells is the day we move!” That’s not what he was looking for. Then he said something that made sense to me, “Lonny, has God called you to COS? If so, there should be no question as to whether you are supposed to go, whether you house sells or not.” Set a date…those words haunted me.

After the quick lunch with my friend, I went back home and looked at the calender. Ok, there is is… the last week of July, I am putting my two weeks in and packing a moving truck and believing God for the rest. I set the latest date possible, that’s about where my faith level was.

So we did, July 27, 2012 was my last day at Masterlink Concrete Pumping, and Teresa had put her notice in as well. We rented the U-Haul, packed it up, and was ready to move out to COS. Still not having sold our home, we were just believing that God had called us, so we were going to go.

That night, we were showing our home to our neighbors, and giving them the furniture that we didn’t want to take with us. When the phone rang…”You have a full offer on your home!”
What?? It was about 10pm, we were exhausted from all the moving and packing, I wasn’t sure I heard the realtor correctly. “Yes, full offer, they want to start the process tomorrow!”

Ok, so to the point, my plan as perfect as I thought it was, was operating completely in reverse. We were moving, Teresa didn’t have a job, we didn’t have a place to live, and the house hadn’t sold…all until we set a date, in faith, to move.

I can’t explain it any clearer. Things broke open for us when we set a date…

Here’s the thing, this is how God wanted to work in our lives. It may not work for you, I am not a big proponent of Copy and Paste theology. YOU have to hear what God is saying for you, line it up with the word, and trust him. We just followed the bread crumbs. He would place them just far enough apart so that we had to continue to walk in faith, not really knowing the next step, just trusting.

So here’s the good news. Teresa got a killer job, making over 3x what she was before, we found a beautiful home, the kids got in the schools that they needed to be in, and yup the house sold…just in time.

I kept asking God to move on our behalf. He kept saying to me, “You first.” Follow the bread crumbs, I am right behind you, dont’ worry, if you screw up, I’ll make an adjustment. What you are doing right now is really pleasing me, I love that you are walking in faith.”

“You’ll here a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it.'”
Follow the bread crumbs, you won’t go wrong, and you’ll have a little snack on your journey!

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