I’ve Got a ’67 Chevy For Sale

Have you ever heard that story where an elderly lady puts an ad in the paper that says, “1967 Chevy For Sale: $500.00”?

Yeah, you’ve probably heard this one. A young man answers the ad, and the lady takes him to the back barn where there appears to be a silhouette of a car underneath an old Army tarp.

Sure enough, he pulls back the tarp and there it is, a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. He can hardly believe his eyes. Without too much emotion gives the lady the $500.00, and hurries on his way knowing he just made the deal of a lifetime.

I always wished that would’ve been me. But then I think to myself, “Would I had the $500.00 when the opportunity presented itself?” It might as well been $100,000 if you don’t have the money.

I like this quote from one of my favorite movies, The Incredibles “Luck favors the prepared…Darling!” Actually it’s not original, but in the context of the movie it fit well. Maybe that’s what we are missing. There are opportunities all around us that are waiting to be awakened just like that ’67, by pulling back the tarp and years of collected dust, if we have prepared to answer.

My mentor spent years preparing to buy and sell companies. I had the pleasure of watching his pain as he spent 100’s of hours typing the numbers into a spread sheet preparing for meetings with venture capitalist, in the hopes of landing a good deal. Nothing ever really happened in the early years of the company, but that didn’t detour him, he knew what his ultimate goal was: Build and buy the best companies in the region. Just recently it looks like all his hard work is paying off. There’s a ’67 corvette for sale and he has $500 in his pocket. 

That’s the point isn’t it? Are you ready for when the time comes and you see that once in a lifetime ad? And you have $500 in your pocket?

I think people spend their entire lives blaming others for their current conditions, or maybe they just don’t get it. They aren’t prepared for the day when the ad shows up. They just wish they had the money, the idea, or maybe they can just win the lottery. Yeah good luck with that one.

I recently told one of my guys, “Eradicate the word “wish” from your vocabulary.” Wishing gets nothing done, it only frustrates you. Do something! Even if it’s wrong, do something! Movement catches God’s eye!

Our church has a vision of opening up  KeyStone Cafe and Wellness. It’s a grand idea, kind of like upside down church. Have a kickin’ business through the week and then a sweet place to meet for church on Sundays. We want to serve the public with great coffee, smoothies, healthy snack items and add to that Yoga, Pilates,  spin classes, and healthy cooking classes… it’s our ’67 Chevy. If we don’t prepare for it, well, someone else is going to be sporting a sweet ride…

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