All Hell Breaking Loose

We are officially 22 weeks old. It’s like the way you would date a new-born. We have been celebrating at KeyStone Church for 22 weeks and we are growing. I would say we are growing slow and steady, but according to our stats we’ve tripled in size in these short months. I always thought it would be cool to be the slowest growing church in the US, but I guess that wouldn’t really get the attention of the folks at Christianity Today, or Impact, or Christian Leader…et al.

A few weeks ago I felt like the next move for our small gathering was to establish our church government. Simply put, install elders and trustees. I just felt like the Lord said it was time.

And then….

All hell broke loose. 

Have you ever read the tweets and FB posts of all the hip and cool church planters? Man, it’s like they never have a bad day, and hey, I get it. I don’t want to share all our crap on a social net-work, that’s what real relationships are for…anyway, when we decided to develop our church leadership team, the sh** hit the fan.

Couples who love each other were suddenly at each other’s throats. Other’s were having financial problems out of no where. And then the most severe, even the loss of life.

I asked God, “What in hell is going on?” I kinda got an answer. It went a little like this:

“You have just implemented one of the things that stirs up the enemy and his camp like no other…Healthy Authority. He then took me to the story of the Roman Centurion who understood authority like no one Jesus had ever encountered. ‘Just say the word,’ the dude said, ‘and my daughter will be healed.’ Jesus’ response?  ‘I have never seen faith like this.’ So hang on son, you’re on the right track, and don’t freak out, I’ve got your back!”

The Key? Authority.

When I nominated our team, it was like instant conflict, trials, and attacks.

There is nothing else like attacking the gates of hell. We could remain a nice little relevant church plant, but I think we are called to do battle…yeah pretty sure I read that somewhere.

My friend Michael Cheshire told me this today: “Be at Peace, because we are at War!” He’s so freaking cool. 

I guess I should have let the team know what was coming, but this is probably the way it’s supposed to be, we have to go to war; we have to walk this path. We know that if there is resistance, we are on the right track. And we win.

I have always thought that healthy authority is the key to winning a city. I think that the enemy knows this too.



I’m not freaking out, I get it. I see it. I’m all in. I’ve sold all for the field, specifically Colorado Springs. The lost are here, the fields are ripe, come and join the party, but don’t forget to armor up, you don’t want to get your ass kicked unnecessarily.


One thought on “All Hell Breaking Loose

  1. I’m in! Simon Peter said it best in John 6:66 I believe, “But Lord, where else would I go?” Eccl. 4:9 “if either of them falls down: They can help eachother up” It is hard and I am not ignorant of that. Brian and I face trials of all sizes from all directions and though we feel out numbered in the last year, tired and worn – God sees us and wouldn’t you know, He guides us ever so gentally to a group called KeyStone. Our hearts are refreshed, our spirits renewed, our wills to keep fighting are ignigted. We have to do this together as a church like God designed else the Enemy laughs as he picks us off one by one. Not intrested in that. We are here, ready, how can we help?

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