One of My Favorite Places

I spent last week in Indiana, my home for over 20 years, and I really wanted to ride while I was there (if you have read any of my blogs you know I love to ride bikes) and test my new Colorado lungs!

I didn’t have the necessary “bike luggage” to tote my Madone 1100 miles across the sky, so I stopped in at one of my favorite places…



I had gotten to know the staff and owner of the store over the years. Sometimes I would just stop in and say hi, browse the newest line of bikes, gear, and clothing, and usually end up buying a gadget or two. It was one of my favorite places. I was always greeted with a, “Hey Lon! Good to see you!” and then we’d talk about our latest rides, bonks, or wipe outs…

So, upon returning to Indiana, I stopped in once again, only this time I really needed a bike to ride for the week. I was hoping they would rent me a bike, but unfortunatley they don’t. I called and spoke to one of the guys named Alan, who said, “Come on in, we’ll work something out for you.”

I was stoked, not only did I get to see some of my buddies, I was excited to see what “work something out” meant…

I make the drive from Hebron to Schererville to hopefully pick up a rental or something…

I know it sounds crazy, but I just couldn’t wait to smell the smells that only a bike shop can offer, and see the new bikes, and here the chatter of people beginning their group ride. AHHHH The Trek Store!

I was met by a smiling Jake, as always; we talked about Colorado, the world class riding, (he’s a mountain biker) and the unending vistas of our state.

Then…hanging on the wall was a brand new Madone 5.2 roadie that he was approaching. I thought to myself, “there’s no way they are letting me rent that!” I was right, they didn’t let me rent it. THEY LET ME USE IT ALL WEEK FOR FREE! I was a giddy as a school boy! My mouth was going dry like the first time I had a crush on a kindergartener! Crazy! I couldn’t wait to jump on the 15 pound carbon wonder… even it’s paint job screamed cool!




I leave the store elated! As always the team at The Trek Store never disappoint.

As I carefully packed the bike into my subcompact rental, I wanted everyone to experience this, the joy of having been treated so well, the happiness I felt every time I walked into that place, and the need to share it with others…

When I find a place like this, I want to share it with other people, I want others to experience the joy I feel, the smell, and excitement of what the product produces: Health, freedom, wind, grind, breath, exhaustion, muscle, but most of all a Story.

Do you have a story? Do you have a favorite place?

Recently my wife and I made the decision to get rid of satellite TV. We are saving money, but more than that we decided that rather than watch someone else’s adventure, (I loved the History channel, NatGeo, and any other channels that offered some out of this world adventures) we needed to have our own. 

For me, there’s nothing quite like riding a bike, and this time it was with my friend Brock. He is never out of great things to talk about…

I think I will pick this up later and share with you my ride across the corn dotted fields of Indiana with Brock.


One thought on “One of My Favorite Places

  1. My lord is my savior, my son is my hero.

    I’ve never done anything harsh to myself on a bike except a scrape or got the wind knocked out, lest some temporary moments of gasping. Well like many I’ve gone way to fast at times and lived to tell about it, thankfully. Sometimes though it’s when our mind is too far ahead when the real risk exposes us. This might be easiest if and when we are traveling slow.

    My son was going no more than 3 mph and washed out his front wheel on a friends bike at the end of the driveway just lately. He was thrown down too fast to put his hand or foot out and his head and collarbone took the entire fall.
    One week later and a stainless plate with screws, he will start his slow climb to returning to the saddle. Some would say forget it, like me and wake boarding after nearly loosing my arm one summer. But kids are resilient, thank God!
    The nurse said he was tougher than the full sleeve tattoo guy when taking the IV needle, the surgeon asked him about where he wanted to rest at prior to going to sleep. The Masters at Agusta! My golfer son exclaimed.

    He has learned so much in so little time, we are all so thankful for Keystone and community. Yes my Lord is my savior but my son is my hero. I’d like to believe God is the same about his son.

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