Caution, Wet Floor

Recently, one of our cleaning professionals had our kitchenette blocked off with wet floor signs, garbage cans, and the mop bucket. 

I was going to get something out of the refrigerator which would have only required me to put one foot on the floor, retrieve my item, then go about my business…

The cleaning professional came running down the hallway saying “Wet Floor!! Don’t go in there!!

I was laughably astonished and made a quip about signing a waiver and promised not to sue him if I happen to slip.

He took this very seriously and stated that he didn’t want to take any chances.

I said “I just need to get some creamer for my coffee, and it would only require me putting one foot on the floor…etc”

He then offered to get it for me, he stated, “I’m used to walking on wet floors, I won’t slip!”

At first, I was annoyed. Then, I was impressed.

Here’s a guy that wants to do a great job, keep the place clean and sparkling (he dusts and sanitizes more than any other person I’ve seen) and provide a safe environment for the team…

He retrieved my creamer, and afterward came to tell me that he didn’t want to offend me, but just wanted to follow the protocol that he was taught.

I said, “Thank you for your commitment to excellence and integrity, and for keeping me safe; that means a lot to me and our organization!”

Lesson learned:

He identified the problem for his customer (me) wet floor.

He introduced a solution (his product) I’m the professional, I’ll get it for you.

He followed up with an explanation (data measurement) to build a lasting relationship with his customer.

He may be a marketer and not know it!

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